Saturday, 25 August 2007


Making Sense of the Sub-Prime Mess

Fortune spoke to some of the sharpest minds in the business to get their reactions to the sub-prime crisis and to get their insights on the future. These include gurus like Warren Buffett, Bill Miller and Jim Chanos. Enjoy your weekend pick here.


Wednesday, 8 August 2007


The Prince of Value

William Patalon, managing editor of discusses the investment style of "The Prince", Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud. The Saudi Prince is one of the shrewdest investor in Asia after bursting to fame with his cash injection into Citicorp in 1991. Read about the key lessons of "The Prince"'s approach and why going global is the way to go.


A Buffett Disciple Shares His Secrets

Monish Pabrai, managing partner of the Pabrai Investment Funds speaks to Justin Fuller of Morningstar about his Dhandho Investment philosophy. In particular, he explains why the "low risk and high uncertainty" approach can lead to superior returns. Enjoy the video clip here.


Saturday, 4 August 2007


Making Money the Warren Buffett Way

U.S. News has a special feature on Warren Buffett. It offers tips on how to emulate the master and books which make for essential reading.


Friday, 3 August 2007


What Would Warren Buffett Do?

Enjoy this CNBC clip on how to apply Warren Buffett's investment philosophy during these times of high market volatility.


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